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Extrusion of plastics - what is it?


The use of plastic extrusion in industry

Plastic extrusion is the process of manufacturing thin tubes, pipes, and other components made from synthetic materials. It is a well-established and recognized application in many industries. The produced products are typically based on synthetic materials such as polyethylene, polyamide, and polypropylene.

Plastic extrusion is often used to produce components with more advanced properties, such as UV resistance, acid resistance, resistance to thermal loads, lightweight construction, and deformation resistance. The resulting parts find broad applications in various industries, including medicine, chemistry, shipbuilding, transportation, and construction.

Extrusion of plastics – required knowledge and equipment

The process of plastic extrusion involves transforming plastic materials into continuous, single, or multi-layered components. Materials are conveyed using extrusion from granules or raw materials associated with plastics. Processing occurs through intense pressure in an extruder. The extrusion pressure can range from several hundred psi to several thousand psi. The pressure causes the raw material to be forced through a special nozzle, and the repeatedly produced components are pushed through a restrictor. The nozzle and restrictor have different shapes depending on the geometric requirements of the product.

The process of plastic extrusion requires the use of suitable equipment. The key component is the extruder, which can have a varying number of screws, ranging from a few to several. Additionally, when creating multi-layered elements, it is necessary to use a special pressure detector and a nozzle exchange system.

Creating parts compliant with exact requirements through the process of plastic extrusion

The plastic extrusion process is used for manufacturing components with shapes and dimensions in accordance with precise customer requirements. Derivative processes, such as injection extrusion, allow for the creation of parts with complex geometry from various synthetic materials.

In the manufacturing industry, plastic extrusion enables the production of high-quality, efficient, durable, and cost-effective components.