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Professional lighting for wardrobes and dressing rooms: Meet RELING LED


Nowadays, interior design focuses on functionality and aesthetics, which is particularly important in areas such as wardrobes and dressing rooms. To meet these requirements, it is worth looking at an innovative lighting solution - RELING LED. It is a specially designed rectangular LED profile, designed for installation in wardrobes and dressing rooms, available in different variants to perfectly suit the needs of any interior.

It doesn't matter whether you have an open dressing room, a traditional wardrobe or a separate room for clothes - RELING LED will work perfectly in any configuration. Its simple design and versatility of use make it an indispensable part of modern wardrobe furnishings.

Basic version of the product: simplicity and efficiency

The basic version of the RELING LED is the ideal solution for those who are looking for simple but effective lighting for their wardrobe.

Convenient hanging of clothes: Thanks to its slim profile with two dedicated handles, the railing allows clothes and accessories to be hung conveniently, making it much easier to organise wardrobe space.

Protection against damage: In addition, the rail is equipped with a silicone top cover to protect it from scratches from hangers.

Ease of assembly and adjustment to size: Mounting the railing is quick and easy thanks to the dedicated brackets that allow installation on the side walls of the wardrobe. In addition, the rail can be easily adapted to different wardrobe widths by cutting the profile to the indicated dimensions, allowing you to tailor the lighting to your individual needs.

Variant 1: The solution for shallow cupboards and wardrobes

Variant 1 LED RELING is the perfect solution for shallow wardrobes and dressing rooms, offering a number of benefits that make everyday use of the space easier.

Simple installation: Thanks to the two mounting brackets, installation is easy and intuitive. Mounting the lamp to both the top panel and the back of the furniture is quick and stable. The installation process is effortless, even for those without technical experience.

Space-saving: The perpendicular installation inside the wardrobe or dressing table saves valuable space, especially in the case of shallow wardrobes. The LED RELING not only illuminates the interior, but also does not take up any additional space, ensuring that the wardrobe remains functional and spacious.

Energy-saving: The RELING is equipped with an external PIR motion sensor switch, which saves energy by automatically providing lighting only when it is actually needed. In this way, you can avoid wasting energy and reduce your electricity bills.

Comprehensive kit: Everything you need for installation is included: a lamp with mounting brackets, a suitable power supply and a PIR motion sensor switch. With the complete set, installation becomes quick and easy and the user can enjoy modern lighting without any additional difficulties.

Variant 2: The solution for wardrobes and standard cabinets

RELING LED Variant 2 is the ideal solution for dressing rooms and standard-sized cabinets, providing a number of benefits that facilitate the daily use of the space.

Parallel mounting: Mounting the LED RELING to the top rim of the wardrobe ensures that the entire space is evenly illuminated without taking up additional space in the side walls. This ensures that the wardrobe remains spacious and easy to organise.

Simple installation: Thanks to the mounting brackets, installation is quick and efficient. This minimises the time and effort required for assembly, even for those without technical experience.

Energy saving: The built-in motion-sensor switch regulates the light in the dressing room itself depending on whether someone is in the room. This ensures that the light only switches on when it is needed, saving energy and reducing electricity bills.

Comprehensive kit: Everything needed for installation is included, including the lamp, the power supply and the necessary screws. Thus, the user can quickly and easily install modern lighting without any additional difficulties.


RELING LED is an effective and functional solution that makes optimal use of the available space in a wardrobe or dressing room. Regardless of the dimensions and specifics of the interior, everyone will find the right RELING LED variant to meet their individual needs. Thanks to its ease of installation and automatic energy-saving function, RELING LED is a practical choice for increasing the comfort of any space.