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Illuminate Your Adventure with HLT

Our sample lighting products for your camper


Corner Line is an aluminum profile designed for easy installation of LED strips up to 12 mm wide. The set, equipped with a subtle milky shade, ensures pleasant light diffusion. The installation is simple and stable due to special mounting brackets. Additionally, end caps guarantee an aesthetic finish, protecting the LED strip from external factors.



The "Moderna" LED fixture for campers is not only ultra-thin but also an exceptionally energy-efficient component, ready for immediate connection. This fixture not only beautifully complements any camper interior but also provides optimal lighting, perfectly tailored to the diverse needs of travelers. 


The Lift LED is a 2-meter profile for LED strips with a maximum width of 10 mm, made from high-quality anodized aluminum. This profile can serve as a LED-lighted rod for a closet. Thanks to the use of a PIR switch, the lighting activates when the closet doors are opened and turns off when they are closed.


The QUATRO LED under-cabinet lamp with a spacer is a solution for illuminating functional spaces, utilizing built-in LED diodes. Its modern design seamlessly complements various interior styles. It can be mounted on furniture surfaces, showcases, etc., serving as decorative lighting to accentuate selected areas.


The cup holder for camper is a practical and versatile accessory that enhances travel comfort. Equipped with a USB charger, LED lighting, a beverage cooler, and a locking button, this holder offers features tailored to various needs. The installation is easy, and its universal design seamlessly integrates with the camper's interior, adding a touch of modernity.


BOX is an elegant furniture socket, perfect for embedding in a countertop or the upper rim of a piece of furniture. It features a 230V AC power socket (Schuko or French type), USB-A and USB-C ports, as well as a wireless induction charger. BOX has a modern black housing, and its movable panel allows easy concealment of sockets, taking up minimal space above the countertop. It is a practical and stylish solution for powering and charging electronics in the office or at home.


With a height of only 5 mm, the FOTON fixture is incredibly discreet, yet offers easy installation. Efficiency and uniform light distribution are key features of this product. Despite its low power consumption - only 3.2W, it generates an impressive luminous flux ranging from 230-260 lumens. This makes it provide excellent lighting for daily activities in the kitchen.


Perfect for installation in high-humidity environments, this grounded furniture socket is ideal for use in bathrooms. Now you can easily connect lighting or electrical devices, gaining convenience through the incorporated switch.


An excellent choice for modern, classy lighting! Made of high-quality anodized aluminum, this recessed profile is available in 2- or 3-meter sections, providing flexibility for adaptation to any space.

Perfect as under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen or other furniture, this profile allows for the insertion of LED strips up to 13 mm in width, delivering an impressive amount of light.


The MODUS TOUCH fixture is an extraordinary alternative to traditional night lamps, taking up minimal space while also serving as a practical USB charger. The flexible arm allows you to adjust the light angle to your needs, offering the functionality you expect from modern lighting.


Made of durable plastic with an elegant metallic gray finish, it's the perfect choice to accentuate the interiors of campers.

Thanks to the built-in motion sensor, it turns on dynamically with every movement and gently fades out after 30 seconds. The integrated 900 mAh lithium-polymer battery ensures long-lasting operation.


Thanks to the ability to simultaneously charge two devices, you can eliminate the hassle of a lack of outlets. The simple installation ensures quick access to power, no matter where you are.


The LIFT BOX furniture socket is a practical solution for furniture in campers. Thanks to its ability to be concealed in the furniture countertop, it guarantees space savings. With 3 functional sockets with an earthing pin and 2 USB sockets (with a 5V DC / 2.1A charger), it ensures safety and ease of use. 

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