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We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing mirrors with LED lighting. For more than 11 years we have been creating trends in the Polish mirror industry. We have a glass plant with an area of 1500m2, where our designers cooperate with professional staff to create both classic and innovative silver panes. Our models can be found in many places, both in Poland and abroad. They enjoy unflagging interest of customers.

Manufacturer of mirrors with LED lighting

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    Professional production plant – aluminium-framed mirrors

    HLT mirrors are manufactured using an advanced process of cutting and processing sheets of glass. Every day we have at our disposal a specialised technological park that enables us to produce up to 25,000 thousand mirrors per month. The 60-strong professional staff performs not only activities specific to the mirror industry.

    Our specialists are skilled at working with aluminium, a material that is ideally suited for mirror framing. Lightweight yet durable aluminium frames complete the stylish look of our mirrors, and using the techniques of wet and powder coating we can paint them any colour. We create mirrors that give the rooms they are placed in a distinct personality.

    Accessories for mirrors

    For several years now, smart technology has been firmly established in our homes, offices and workplaces. Many items that previously had a purely decorative or single practical function have been replaced by similar-looking multifunctional devices. This applies to mirrors as well. They have evolved from simple panes of glass to significantly more advanced devices that can, for example, measure air humidity or room temperature. Our company, which has been on the Polish market for over 25 years, not only observes this trend but also meets it head-on. The mirror models in our offer impress not only with their designer look. They also fit in perfectly in smart homes. We are able to equip our products with technologies such as:

    • electronic displays,
    • temperature and humidity sensors,
    • heating mats that prevent fogging on the mirror surface,
    • mechanical switches and electronic switches (touch and touchless),
    • magnifying mirrors useful for example in the beauty industry,
    • mono, bi-colour, rgb or argb LED strips –depending on the purpose, the mirror can be fitted with LED strips with utility or decorative light,
    • external LED lighting in the form of top-board lamps made of sandblasted acrylic (HLT offers both top-board LED lamps mounted on the mirror and top-board LED lamps mounted outside the mirror).

    In 2018 the company was awarded the Diamond of Furniture award for our mirror “Drop of Light” which, in addition to its modern design, was also equipped with additional accessories, such as OLED display, humidity and temperature sensors, bluetooth speakers and bi-colour LED lighting.

    Mirrors for the bathroom and beyond

    Most mirrors produced by HLT are intended for use in bathrooms. Any such mirror with electronics meets the relevant requirements of standards for products used in rooms with increased humidity levels. However, mirrors made by HLT will work well in a living room, hotel room or restaurant hall.

    Quality that impresses

    Key aspects when evaluating a mirror are aesthetics and workmanship. At every stage of production, the company pays great attention to the precision of the assemblers. The high repeatability of the finished product is achieved thanks to the highly automated machinery park and the use of CNC tools.

    Design of LED mirrors and OEM production

    The mirrors manufactured by HLT can be made according to the customer’s design, HLT’s design or in cooperation between both parties. The construction and design department can assist customers at the stage of designing a new mirror. HLT offers its partners OEM cooperation – which means that the mirrors can be labelled with the brand of the customer.

    We welcome cooperation

    We invite companies interested in cooperation
    to contact our sales department at or +48 77 40 92 582.

    Selected mirror models:

    Manufacture mirrors with LED lighting together with HLT!

    Mirrors that impress.