A manufacturer of lighting for furniture and interiors – HLT Sp. z o.o.

We are a manufacturer of LED lighting for furniture and interiors. Our history began in 1996 and we continue to proudly pursue it. Each day brings us experiences that we use to create new, interesting solutions. Our knowledge allows us to effectively respond to market needs.

We are a production company directed most of all to business customers (B2B). The scope of our services includes the production of LED lighting and accessories. We offer linear lighting, spot lighting and brackets. Depending on the needs, our luminaires can be used both as utility and decorative lighting. All customizations can be agreed with our sales representatives.

In addition, we are concerned with the production of mirrors and glass processing, which operates under the brand name MIRROY. It has a modern production facility where you can perform services such as: cutting glass panes and mirrors, milling, chamfering, sanding, engraving.

Confidence and security for your business

HLT Sp. z o.o. ensures short delivery times, high product quality, after-sales support and feedback, also we give guarantee for all offered products.

Professional approach

Each product is designed, manufactured and inspected by us, that’s why it can meet  the high requirements of customers, and the held certificates are a guarantee of quality.

Our clients are entrepreneurs located in Europe and increasingly outside its borders.

Our efficiency  is possible due to full computerization of logistics, production and sales processes as well as by using of a advanced resource management systems. Thanks to the developed systems, we guarantee a smooth and coordinated order process  to all Clients.

We believe that modern technologies and trained staff will allow us to be constantly prepared for even the most sophisticated customer needs.

See the world in LED light.