Excellence Linear Lighting "LINE" confirmed - this product has been in AWARDED BEST FURNITURE 2012

"LINE" series is both functional and comprehensive solution in a series of linear LED lighting products. It's an unconventional way for a change to any interior. Also functions as a utilitarian and decorative. A wide range of Both color and form of luminaires allows multiple application. Pedestals, beds, bookcases, shelves and cabinets are just a few items with help from That HLT can ENRICH the original lighting. The simple interior of a bedroom, dressing room or living room with the light Becomes a friendly and functional space.

Used a variety of forms and binding profiles. Because of their diversity and capacity to perform the individual project, each element of the interior can be illuminated perfectly. Among the wide range of circuit breakers in the offer Both the traditional and innovative - based on the latest technologies. These include motor and tactile switches Those That make use of light That will be easy and convenient. Lights turn on by touch anywhere on your profile! LINE lighting systems are made from robust and durable materials, this is primarily of aluminum and plexiglass.

Each system is created by the client and produced the individual order. Flexibility and flexible company HLT make it a chance to produce light in different sizes and colors using various technologies. Mounting surface is an easy and non-invasive way to get rich in the light almost every element in the apartment. HLT lighting has all the necessary standards and approvals for the safe use of products.


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