In harmony with the environment

Lighting proposed by HLT constitutes professional and energy-saving technologies of the newest generation. Greener products include lower energy bills! Using lighting based on the latest technology, you take part in the global protection of our planet.

Changing inefficient light sources for green alternatives has a direct impact on energy consumption, carbon emissions and the whole environment, while improving the quality and efficiency of the light.
Do not remain indifferent, profit from the progress of lighting revolution and start to make changes in your home and entire life!


What to do with worn CFL and LED bulbs?

These bulbs contain complex electronic systems and should not be disposed of with normal household waste. The icon of a crossed-out garbage informs us about this fact. In order to keep our environment safe, such bulbs should be handed over to a collection of electronic equipment point.

What to do if you break a compact fluorescent lamp?

Unlike most LED bulbs and other light sources used in households, compact fluorescent lamps contain mercury. While their use does not release the mercury.
However, in a case of a fluorescent lamp breakage one have to ventilate the room, and then collect the ruptured lamp with a damp cloth. It is also crucial to avoid skin contact with the remnants of a broken lamp. Do not use a vacuum cleaner to dispose of the lamp remnants.

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