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HLT Sp. z o.o. is a leader
in the lighting industry for furniture and interiors


We are in business since 1996 and we believe that experience is one of our greatest strengths. We are proud to have an established position in the lighting industry, however we also believe that every day without a step forward, is a step back, therefore we aim at continuous development. We have our own technical facilities, which undergo constant upgrades and equipment improvements.

With it, we can afford more flexibility of production. This allows us to respond to the expectations and needs of our customers and provides opportunities for individual orders.

In addition, our products meet the high standards and its certification is a guarantee of quality. Due to this, we can distribute lighting throughout Europe.

Our actions are determined by the latest trends and our customers, who are the most important for us. Their satisfaction is the source of inspiration and a reward for all our efforts.

Our company constitutes:

  • Three branches,
  • Total surface area of 3.3 ha,
  • 10 000 m² of buildings,
  • 3 300 m² of warehouse space,
  • 200 cooperating professionals.

Our company offers professional advice, technical assistance and comprehensive pre-sale and after-sales support. We specialize in the production and distribution of advanced lighting systems for various space.

Our goal is to provide customized solutions to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

We follow three main principles in all business relations with our clients:


Effective organization is made possible by the full computerization of logistic, production and sales processes, as well as the use of advanced management system, SAP. Thanks to a highly developed WMS system our company is able to supply all customers with a smooth and coordinated order implementation.

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It is our pleasure to participate in all publications and other projects organized by the media industry. We are pleased to publish more articles and advertise products in our offer. We describe the events industry and we are glad that there are still new subjects to share them in the press.



Excellence Linear Lighting "LINE" confirmed - this product has been in AWARDED BEST FURNITURE 2012. "LINE" series is both functional and comprehensive solution in a series of linear LED lighting products. It's an unconventional way for a change to any interior.


HLT for the society

The local community constitutes an essential point of reference for us. We want to stay in at the best relations with surroundings from here a conception appeared of supporting local institutions and the MUKS Chrobry Basket Glucholazy club.



Our success is the success of our employees. We are committed to it together, supporting their efforts to form a consistent team. Organized meetings enhance us to create a create a partnership between co-workers, and thus a friendly atmosphere at work.



What is LED?

The word "LED" stands for Light Emitting Diode.
It is a solid-state source of electromagnetic radiation visible, infrared or ultraviolet light. The LED diode consists of a semiconductor connector resulting from the merger of two types of semiconductor. The emission of photons, or ini other words the emission of light, occurs in the flow of electrical current through the LED in the forward direction. Current flowing through the light emitting diode (LED) begins to increase rapidly after crossing the threshold voltage, hence there is a need to use a resistor R which limits the increase.

LEDs lifetime

LEDs lifetime, as well as other light sources, is measured in hours of lamp working time (under certain conditions), which preserves the relevant properties. In the case of LEDs, as well as for fluorescent and other discharge lamps that do not expire as light bulbs in a violent manner, the primary criterion for determining the stability of the lifetime in which is stored the corresponding value of the luminous flux. "The correct value" is usually referred to as a certain % of the baseline. For fluorescent lamps and other discharge lamps, the luminous flux at a level of from 70% to 90%. Similarly, the lifetime of LEDs is defined. Most often, the lifetime of LEDs is defined as the time during which the luminous flux is below 70% of the baseline.

The future of LED technology

LEDs will surely find application in many modern industries (advertising, TV, commercial and professional lighting, including streets and industrial areas). Mass production of LEDs using modern, automated production lines, offset spending on research and development of new production lines, and allows reducing the costs and prices of new diodes. This process makes LED light sources a widely available alternative, which displaces traditional light bulbs. In addition, the EU Ecodesign Directive is introducing significantly restricts access to ordinary light bulbs, which in turn enhance the development of modern light sources. The lofty goal and even global scale wants to reduce power consumption. Consequently, the newest technology of light sources will simply expand.

  • In harmony with the environment

    Lighting proposed by HLT constitutes professional and energy-saving technologies of the newest generation. Greener products include lower energy bills! Using lighting based on the latest technology, you take part in the global protection of our planet. Changing inefficient light sources for green alternatives has a direct impact on energy consumption, carbon emissions and the whole environment, while improving the quality and efficiency of the...


HLT is innovation.

At HLT, we value innovation, quality, tradition and experience and see every day as an opportunity for technical advance. HLT is a Polish lighting company, with almost 20 years of experience in the industry.

HLT provides advanced lighting systems for the furnishing and interiors industry and exports its products to over 20 countries around the world, from its production plant in Głochołazy in southern Poland.

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HLT is a Polish lighting company with almost 20 years of experience in the industry....

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